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1,000 $5's for Derrick

In honor of the five year anniversary of the passing of Derrick Dull, we are asking you to consider donating even just $5.00 to help keep Derrick's mission to help local adults battling cancer. To date, the DJD Fight On Foundation has donated more than $171,000 to over 50 local adults battling cancer. Please help us continue Derrick's fight. Please check out the link to our video. You may click the PayPal link below to donate and please share the video and website with family and friends. Thank you!!!

Video for Derrick

2015 7th Annual DJD Fight On Foundation Golf Tournament
Saturday June 27, 2015
Manor Golf Club
Sinking Spring, PA

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Brean Thank You

Dear DJD Fight On Foundation,

Thank you for your generosity. It will be very helpful in the next upcoming months for gas and my other health needs. I'm currently driving 20 miles each way to Danville, five days a week, and spending a big part of my day there at the hospital in appointments and treatments. Thank you, it is very much appreciated.

David Wert

Dennis and Cheryl live in Elimsport Pa. Dennis worked at High Steel in Williamsport as a welder,They were planning a wedding but with all the circumstances that prevailed that had to be postponed for awhile.

He is the father of 3 grown children that he raised on his own and Cheryl has 5 grown children,He has 4 grand children and 8 step grandchildren that he is devoted to.

Dennis found out he had bladder cancer in July 2013,He had surgery in November 2013 to remove the bladder and at that time was given a urostomy,he also had chemo therapy.The drs.said he was clear. In July of 2014 he thought he had a hernia ,but after seeing the dr. he was told cancer is back and it's throughout his lymphnodes,and in his bones.He is now going through chemo therapy again,and is no longer able to work.He has a very good sense of humor and that seems to be helping him through this.

Hi Mindy,

I just wanted to say thank you for your generous contribution to our family. It will be put to good use to pay for bills that my husband & I are struggling to pay. The bills seem to be piling up and with his full pay not coming in things are getting tough. Not knowing where the money is coming from to pay the next bill & not wanting to lose the roof over our heads, which is my husbands main concern. This money that you are so generously giving us will help with the burden of everyday living expenses and most important helping to ease my husband Ryan's mind if only a little. He has enough to deal with every day while getting his treatments of chemo & radiation for his rectal cancer. He was diagnosed on July 7th of 2014 which was a day before his birthday when he turned 39. My husband is not one to ask for help but through all this he has learned that some times you just have to swallow your pride & ask someone for help when it may be the hardest thing for you to do. My husband is one that will do things by himself before asking for someone else's help but will not hesitate to help someone else out even before they ask him for it. This money is also a relief to me as well since I seem to have been picking up extra work to help him out since he doesn't have the strength to do much of anything and most of all if he's at ease, then I am a little more at ease. Thank you again for your generosity it is very greatly appreciated.

God Bless you and those that help you out every day!
Ryan & Patty Swanger
(our son's name is Caleb)

When I heard that I was going to get a grant of $1,000. My first thought was "thank God". I know that phrase is overused,but in my case,I really mean it. I believe that God gave me cancer because He knew I needed to learn, and to help teach others. I have always been outgoing,and happy. I love to talk to others about my illness,as well as hearing about theirs. I truly believe that I am doing what God intended.One of the hardest things I have learned is ,not only to accept help,but,to ask for it.this money will help me stay in my house,and I will continue to help others,in any way I can. I thank you,with all my heart,and sole.

Lori Theis

Dear Mindy, I had not read my E mail for a day and was very surpriised to get such a rapid and generous response to our request. As you are aware Jan's cancer was diagnosed after a seizure at work in March this year. She has undergone a craniotomy, 30 radiation treatments, and many rounds of chemotherapy which will be ongoing for the unforseen future. A person who was loathe to take even an aspirin in the past, she is now on antiseizure meds and several other regimens to help with the effects of her disease.

Over the last 18 years she has been an active marathoner and triathlete. In addition she played tennis and golf, and devoted a great deal of time to her physical fitness. She was an active mentor to many women and men who were interested in running. While the disease has robbed her of the ability to pursue her personal goals she continues to encourage others. We have signed up to do the one mile walk during the Annual Reading Hospital Run on Oct 12th. She is currently walking 1/2 mile per day in preparation for this event.

Jan is currently unable to work and has been separated from her position as a Mental Health Worker at Spruce Pavilion at the Reading Hospital. (She was a 7 year employee.) I am on social security, and she will begin to receive disability payments this month. Since our income has been drastically reduced, and we have the added Cobra expense for her and Medicare expenses for me, your grant will most certainly relieve these added financial pressures over the next few months while we restructure our lives.

As a side note we lost our 45 year old son Steven on Sept.16, about 14 years after he received a heart transplant. Jan's brother Chris had a heart attack in Allentown last week and is recuperating after the placement of a stent. In addition two of Jan's cousins have passed away this year. This is the first piece of good news that we have received in some time.

We recently ( 9/22 ) celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary with a one day trip to Northeast, MD. The selfie attached was taken on this outing and includes our girl Katie O'Malley a 10 year old JRT. The other picture of Jan was recently taken at Gring's Mill were we often go to relax.

Words cannot express our gratitude for your most generous grant. It will most certainly ease some financial worries at a time of extreme stress and change. God Bless you and the DJD Fight On Foundation for bringing some sunshine into our lives.

Rod Rightmyer and Jan Hahn-Rightmyer

Dear Mindy,

I want to say thank you very, very much and God Bless your foundation for helping me in the time of need, and I wanted to reach out to you personally, say thank you from my wife, family, and kids. You made a difference for me. Thank you again very much. My journey fighting cancer isn't easy but with God, Faith, Hope, Wisdom, and Courage there's people like you. Thank you.

Jawaadlabib Uqdah

The Foundation has so far donated more than $200,210 to families with cancer!!!!

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