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1,000 $5's for Derrick

In honor of the five year anniversary of the passing of Derrick Dull, we are asking you to consider donating even just $5.00 to help keep Derrick's mission to help local adults battling cancer. To date, the DJD Fight On Foundation has donated more than $171,000 to over 50 local adults battling cancer. Please help us continue Derrick's fight. Please check out the link to our video. You may click the PayPal link below to donate and please share the video and website with family and friends. Thank you!!!

Video for Derrick

Dear Mindy & Members of the DJD Foundation:

Thank you so much for the blessing you gave to me. It is greatly appreciated, Cheryl Fuss my former coworker and friend came to the house when I opened the envelope, I was amazed and felt so blessed. I woke up the next morning so joyful and happy that this foundation is helping people in such difficult situations.

I was diagnosed with cancer January 17, 2015 the beginning of this year. I had been busy working and thought I had a healthy lifestyle. What a shock to wake up with a droopy mouth and go to the emergency room and get diagnosed with cancer.

My husband and my oldest daughter Heather Moyer Spoonhoward came right into the emergency room. My other daughter April Moyer Cash scheduled a flight for her to come up from Florida the next day so we could discuss treatment We came up with a plan and the hospital I would get treated at.

I had to undergo radiation for ten days and start on a chemo pill. I got so sick I had to be in the hospital for eight days. Gradually I started to feel better and started to be able to eat food again.

In June my husband took his own life. My husband suffered from PTSD from his full service career as a US Ranger in the Military. Our family did bury him with high honors at Indiantown Gap. But on top of my cancer I had all that to deal with.

Not only the loss of his military pension, but me not working and being on disability is quite the adjustment. So I will use the money to help pay for doctor’s fees that are not covered by insurance and to buy healthy organic food for me to continue to heal.

I am feeling stronger and better but still have to continue on my chemotherapy pill everyday.

Thank you so much for the Blessing,
Lois J. Stout

My wife has been battling cancer for a while. It has been a long journey and I hope everything helps at the end. This means a lot to me and my family that you helped us. I hope with the treatment that she is getting, it will help. My wife means a lot to me so I hope the treatments do help. It's been a long road,so thanks again!

The Rineck family

Dear Mindy and DJD Fight on Foundation,

It is with a warm and full heart that I write this letter. Thank you so much for your contribution to the medical burden that my husband and I are facing. It is greatly appreciated and will be used to cover any medical expenses as Brandyn continues his fight to walk and use his left side.

Our story begins over 20 years ago. Branydn and I went to the same babysitters. Our days were filled with naps and biting each other. I think he secretly liked me!! We went our separate ways and lot contact for more 10 years. We started working at the same place and began talking. After dozens of attempts to get me to go out with him, I finally agreed to a date with Brandyn. We spent the afternoon driving around and eventually ended up at PPL Lake. Several months later Brandyn told me he loved me. I was shocked. On December 9, 2009 (exactly 2 years after our first dance), Brandyn proposed in the babysitter’s driveway. I said yes of course. We waited several years to say “I DO.” We set our date for October 25, 2014 (my grandmother’s birthday). It was a beautiful fall afternoon surrounded by loved ones. It was a simple country themed wedding that was everything that I ever dreamed it would be. On

On February 11, 2015 around midnight (my 28th birthday), I woke up to our entire bed shaking and Brandyn making a gagging/snoring noise. I jumped out of bed and called 911 immediately. I realized in the midst of talking to emergency responders that he was having a seizure and the responder confirmed it. An ambulance arrived and administered a drug to bring Brandyn out of the seizure. He had no idea what happened. He was taken via ambulance to Geisinger Medical Center. Within 2 hours, I was told that Brandyn had a mass on the right frontal lobe of his brain. Brandyn was diagnosed with a stage 2 glioma and was scheduled for a biopsy of the tumor to determine the genetic makeup of the tumor and decide the course of action. We knew that removal was necessary. In the midst of the brain tumor, Brandyn had emergency surgery for kidney stones. He had stents placed in both kidneys to allow the stones to pass.

The biopsy came back and confirmed what the doctors thought. The tumor was a stage 2 astrocytoma and it needed to come out. On April 21, 2015 Brandyn was taken into the OR to have the tumor removed. Brandyn, the doctors and I decided that they could remove as much of the tumor as possible without causing any permanent damage. After 5 grueling hours, I got the call that Brandyn was out of surgery and it went extremely well and they successfully removed 98% of the tumor. We were out of the woods….or so we thought. Brandyn began to have localized seizures and the doctors decided it would be best to put him in a medically induced coma. While in the coma Brandyn developed blood clots in his left leg. The doctors administered a bolus of Heparin to break up the clot. At 11pm on April 28th, just one week after his tumor removal surgery, Brandyn was rushed back into the OR to remove a blood clot on his brain. That surgery was also successful, mostly in part to the fast actions of those working in the ICU who saw the signs of the clot. Brandyn had a filter put in his leg to prevent any clots from travelling to his lungs. Brandyn came out of the coma after about 7 days and eventually headed to Health South rehab center to begin the grueling task of learning to walk and use the left side of his body. Through the grace of God, Brandyn is able to walk with the help of a quad cane and has some movement back in his left hand. With further therapy his is expected to make close to a full recovery. We see the neurosurgeon next month to discuss chemotherapy/radiation options.

We have a LONG road ahead, with bumps and curves I’m sure, but through the generosity of this foundation, our financial woes are lessened and I can focus on my husband and his recovery. It is such a breath of fresh air to know that people and organizations like yours still exist and are able to help families who can’t help themselves. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Brandyn and Brianna Cooper

Dear Mindy and the rest of the DJD Fight on Foundation :

I want to start off by thanking each and every one of you. My husband has been battling cancer since 2010. He was diagnosed when I was five months pregnant with our little girl (Isabella). He was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, the cancer originated in his kidney. He ended up having the kidney removed. Ewing's Sarcoma is a very aggressive, fast moving cancer. Tyler has gone through chemo and radiation twice now, the second time it was on his lung.

The first time around treatment was extremely hard for him there was not one day in his nine months of treatment that he was not sick.The second time treatment was not as intense but because of all the radiation on his lungs he is now permanently on oxygen 24/7.

As if all of this wasn't enough, on June 9, 2015 we found out once again that we would face this evil thing we call cancer again. This time the cancer in in his lung, ribs and back mussel. This has been a five year battle and now we must do it again. Left with very few options, we decided that it was time that I take a twelve week leave of absence from my job, my husband needs me more than ever and so does my daughter. While speaking with a friend about my situation and not knowing what we were going to do financially, she then mentioned this foundation. I e-mailed Mindy on a Tuesday around 1:00pm and by 4:00pm I had already heard back from Jim.

I just wanted to say once again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for easing our financial burden in this difficult time in our lives. I now can focus on helping my husband beat this cancer once again, go to and from Philadelphia for his treatments, and most of all give him more time with our precious daughter. I hope one day I am able to help someone the way you have helped us.

Christina, Tyler and Isabella Spohn

Dear Mindy and all members of the DJD Fight On Foundation:

I write to you with such a warm heart and many happy feelings after my two wonderful parents just received a check from this God sent organization. My entire family is so very thankful for the time and hard work of everyone involved. With this money they were able to take a step back and breathe for a moment. It feels so good to see them do that after the year they've had.

In April 2014, my dad found several lumps on his neck and was quickly diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia at age 54. Two weeks before his diagnosis I found out I was pregnant with what would be his first grandchild. This was difficult for me, but I knew this baby would shine a positive light on the situation. My dad endured 6 months of chemo therapy and the baby was his sole motivation. He is the most optimistic and upbeat people I know. Sadly, I never saw him suffer as much as he did during that time. He had several allergic reactions to his treatments which added to the already dreadful side effects. But no matter what, he always let the power of God prevail. He said 'just pray for me, you can do anything with God on your side.' My dad would call me after treatments with an overwhelming positive attitude. I just remember thinking, 'wow, I don't know how he does it. How can he come out of a cancer treatment and still be THAT happy?' But he was. He never let any of it bring him down despite how lousy he was feeling. My mom was there by his side through everything. She took such good care of him and he always let everyone know that. "Mom is an angel, I couldn't do this without mom," he said.

In December, my dad finished his last treatment. His blood counts were wonderful and his CT scan in January came back clear. The baby was born at the end of January and we were so happy to have our family back to a normal, happy state. Then in the middle of February, my mom had her annual mammogram. The radiologist saw some spots that needed some further investigating. She was sent for a biopsy and sure enough she was diagnosed with Ductal Insitu Breast Cancer. Thankfully, she was in the early stages but would still need a lumpectomy and radiation. She is now commuting to Geisinger everyday, while both of them are working full time and sharing one vehicle. It makes my heart so sad to watch them go through this difficult time. However, their love and support for each other is so inspiring! Despite all the hardship, they never complain and they continue to turn to God for strength and guidance. He has helped us to stay positive. Now, the help from the foundation has been a positive light in our lives as well!

I wrote to Mindy after many years of following this amazing foundation and I am stunned by how responsive she was and how quickly the help arrived! My parents have accrued so many medical bills in one short year. They could not afford to fix their second vehicle, so this relief could not have come at a better time! We feel so blessed to know that there are people out there like Mindy and the DJD Fight On Foundation, who dedicate their time to helping others. You are all part of God's group of special helpers. Your generosity has inspired us all to donate and get involved in the foundation's fundraising events! Thanks you so much for helping my family.

Deepest thanks and appreciation for all you have done and all that you stand for,
Tonya Servose

Brean Thank You

Dear DJD Fight On Foundation,

Thank you for your generosity. It will be very helpful in the next upcoming months for gas and my other health needs. I'm currently driving 20 miles each way to Danville, five days a week, and spending a big part of my day there at the hospital in appointments and treatments. Thank you, it is very much appreciated.

David Wert

The Foundation has so far donated more than $200,210 to families with cancer!!!!

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