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1,000 $5's for Derrick

In honor of the five year anniversary of the passing of Derrick Dull, we are asking you to consider donating even just $5.00 to help keep Derrick's mission to help local adults battling cancer. To date, the DJD Fight On Foundation has donated more than $171,000 to over 50 local adults battling cancer. Please help us continue Derrick's fight. Please check out the link to our video. You may click the PayPal link below to donate and please share the video and website with family and friends. Thank you!!!

Video for Derrick

When I got the word that DJD Foundation was going to help me with a grant, I was ecstatic. My landlords had been gracious enough to let me 'fall behind' on my rent as I struggled to pay my other bills with only one income. While doing chemo and radiation for colorectal cancer I was down to working 30 hours a week and eating up all my vacation time. My co-workers have been great and helping with fundraisers to help with travel expenses of driving to the hospital every day and all the medical bills starting to roll in. I was introduced by Mindy's sister Michelle to the foundation and I cried when I received an email from Mindy stating they were sending me some money to help me out! It was so needed and so not expected and much appreciated. To be able to pay my bills, catch up on my rent, and not have those worries helped me to relax and concentrate on my chemo and radiation treatments.

I still don't know where I am at with my cancer, but am so grateful for Mindy and Michelle and the foundation for the help they have given! I know I have surgery and another round of chemo coming, and I hope that's it, but not having such a financial burden on me anymore is a big help on my mental health. Thank you so much!!!


Brenda with Mindy's sister, Michelle

First I would like to thank you Mindy for all the work you do for us Cancer patients. My husband Robert, who is 67 yrs was diagnosed in Dec 2013 with tongue cancer. He has a feeding tube because he is not able to eat, and he can not speak, so we communicate by writing. He is now going through with radiation and Chemotherapy. He has horrific pain with this tumor and must take alot of meds. In the beginning his meds were costing so much, we had to get help to pay for them. It was costing $200 almost every 5 days. Scary when I am the only one working. Robert is on Medicare which only covers part of expenses. We must now get a supplement insurance to help cover other costs. Robert is retired, so all this extra help we do appreciate. Hopefully all his treatments help shrink his tumor so they can operate. Right now the tumor is too large, they would have to remove the whole tongue, and that is too risky. Hopefully one day Robert can eat pizza again, and his BIGGEST WISH is being able to speak to all his Grandchildren again. It is breaking his heart. With your financial help you are sending our way, we know this will help very much with some of his medical bills. Not only is my husband sick, but now we have the worries of all the expenses. So again we Thank You for all the help you are giving us. It really touched our hearts to know someone is out there to help others.

Thank you So Much!
JoJo & Robert Ahrens

I was diagnosed with stage four cancer in Feb. of 2011. While going through surgery my husband lost his job and we incurred huge medical bills. During the surgery my pancreas where accidentally nicked which resulted in further complications and again I was hospitalized for an extended time including kidney dialysis. My husband now has a job again but the bills continue to grow along with back bills. My sister put my name into this organization and I was awarded this grant which is a wonderful blessing. It will help relief some of the stress and pressure from just knowing we can put this money towards my battle with this disease. There are no words to express what your kindness has meant to us. It gives hope to know that there are others out there willing to contribute to my journey in overcoming this disease. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity towards me.

Yvonne Purcell

The Foundation has so far donated more than $188,910 to families with cancer!!!!

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NEWS: We officially receiveid our tax exempt staus from the government. It is retroactive back to September 2010. All gifts and donations are tax deductible!!!!!

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